The Actor

Lipstick Lobotomy

A short-ish comedy about nyc’s most notorious industry

Claire Novak is struggling to carve herself a place in the messy and mercenary world of entertainment. Finally she gets a call for SVU and books a junkie role(!) . She affords herself a trip to the theatre to see her favorite and most studied play, Limonade tus les Jours. One week later and shortly before going to the theatre Claire gets the call that her role was cut. With fraying nerves Claire hurries to see Limonade and watches with horror as the actors butcher the roles. She snaps and clambers on stage, taking over the lead and becoming an overnight sensation.

“The Actor” premiered at the New York Short Film Festival in November 2018. It stars Katie Kopajtic, Lynn Cohen (Sex and the City) and Catherine Curtin (Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black).